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Intellectual Capital Management makes loans through our Intellectual Loans subsidiary. Founded in 2009, Intellectual Capital has been active in originating, buying and selling loans – typically on residential properties.

Our hard money lending program began in 2014. In 2018, we opened a debt facility with a capital provider in order to grow our hard money lending business.

Through this program, we help business owners access the necessary capital they need in order to continue operations, grow their business and make sound economic decisions.

Meet Our Team

We make capital access as easy as possible so you can focus on growing your business

We make loans simple. Here's how:

Give us the basics

Let us know your name, email and phone number. We’ll contact you regarding a potential loan

Apply for a loan

Fill out the loan application including information about your business, and the property you are posting as collateral

Get your funds

Once your application has been approved, we send you funds so you can focus on your business

Loan Origination

It all starts with our network of brokers and correspondents on the ground. We’ve built out an extensive network of loan originators that know our stips and understand our requirements for deploying capital.

Typical Loan Terms

Annual Returns

Invest at 7-10% annualized returns


The LTV’s on our loans are historically 65% and below

Loan Duration

Once your application has been approved, we send you funds so you can focus on your business


Realize 7-10% annual returns on low LTV loans. We keep participation in the equity piece. Our rigorous diligence process reflects a partner that has skin in the game.  


If you are interested in participating in the equity portion of loans, please contact us.

Hard Money Loans

We make business loans collateralized by the business owner's residential property

Non-perfoming Loans

We buy non-performing residential loans in order to rehab and sell the asset

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